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I’m interested in electric cars. But not when they’re presented like Smart’s Electric Drive microsite.

  • Annoying parallax carousel that flies along so fast I can’t even read it
  • Icon-based navigation that means I have to expand and then hover over every item in order to see what it is
  • No ability whatsoever to simply review the specs of the car without opening a PDF (that it makes me hunt for).
  • Oh, and to top it off, we get the only female featured wears a short skirt and low cut top!? [edit, there is another women who’s a bit more dressed featured elsewhere]

Poor experience all round.

Then there’s the problem with buying a 3-series. Go on, try it. Engage your internet, go to BMW’s website and try to make sense of what’s there. You can’t. Not till you’ve found your reading glasses, and then gone to Boots to buy a pair that is even more powerful. And even when you are able to read the microdot typeface, your computer won’t have the plugin necessary to enjoy any of the site’s features. Not that you will understand what’s on offer anyway, because it’s either flowery rubbish or techno gobbledygook.
Jeremy Clarkson’s thoughts on the BMW website, from his review of the new 3-series in The Sunday Times (full article requires subscription).

Love the new Citroen DS5 interior, future retro and all that!

This ad made me chuckle, the little petrol contraptions are genius.

Been checking out car ‘configurators’ / builders on various manufacturer’s websites for a client of ours. The Peugeot one, though not perfect, is one of the best, and I had some fun speccing out the little beauty above. RCZ THP 200bhp, £26,435. The words ‘pocket rocket’ come to mind.

Here’s a list of ones I’ve checked out, just for the record:


Bugatti (hopeless usability)

Fiat (probably the best one I’ve come across)

Rolls Royce




Volvo (used to have an awesome Swedish one for the C30 but can’t find it anymore)

VW (specced up a mighty fine Polo GTi)