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Knog Beetle bike lights - an excellent real life user experience

I feel the need to wax lyrical about a product design experience I had recently, in the form of the Knog ‘Beetle’ bike light. The packaging for all of Knog’s lights is funky, like the products themselves, but the hard plastic carton that contains the Beetle not only showcases the form of the lights perfectly, but is an exercise in minimalism. If Apple made bike lights…

The product itself is a joy to use, strapping to my bars in about 3 seconds flat, sitting there stealthily, totally encased in rubber so there is no danger of scratching anything up. When switched on via the sealed button on top, it’s bright as hell. Get outta my way!

I could complain that in order for them to be this small and stylish, they use a round watch battery rather than a more readily available AAA, but what the hell, when every time I use them it puts a smile on my face. Not many products you can say that for.

Go get one!