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Building the new responsive design glue Isobar website

Interesting article from the glue Isobar website by Seb Ashton, about building their new website from a dev point of view.

Spyline features the new glue Isobar website

Inspiration site Spyline have featured the new glue Isobar website, for which I dealt with the user experience.

They describe it as “a convincing example of responsive design”. Thanks guys! Props to Steve Wilcox for much of the design work, and Seb Ashton for dev.

Victor the Vote Counter!

A little project that I worked on has just gone live, to help you & me understand the referendum on the voting system (I must admit I was lost too until I worked on this!).

It’s an interactive video featuring a little chap called Victor. You can see it in action on the About My Vote website.

Here’s a user journey / wireframe hybrid doc that I did to illustrate how it works:

asda View high resolution

…and here’s the finished article:

Essential viewing: Shoreditch of the Dead, epic zombie animation by Steve of glue Isobar, set at our office in the Tea building! I’m not in it, sadly - the drawings were done before I joined.

London > Brighton = Done

Well, the Glug London to Brighton bike ride was tougher than expected on Friday afternoon, not helped by what felt like the hottest day of the year!

Team Glue (pictured) made it to the beach in approx 6 hours, pub stops included. Iron man award goes to Raph who got a 30mph face plant, but got back on to conquer Ditchling Beacon hill!